Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction (Start Here)

    2. Setting up Your Instagram Feed

    3. Video Intro

    1. Posting Goals

    2. Beginners Canva Tutorial (step by step)

    3. Create designs on Canva (Instagram posts)

    4. Create Engaging Content with Templates

    5. Caption Templates to Save Time

    1. Find New Followers

    2. Engage with Followers

    3. Using Free Tools to Search

    4. Analyze your Results (Insights)

    5. (BONUS) How to use the Tracker

    1. Bonus (schedule Instagram posts via Meta Business Suite)

    2. (BONUS) Schedule your Posts in Later

    3. Conclusion Video

About this course

  • $98.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Grow your business using Instagram Marketing

Icons & text

  • Video Tutorials

    Learn how to use free tools in less time. I show you the step by step process to use Instagram to setup your profile for success and use the free tool Canva to create content.

  • Templates for EVERYTHING

    I provide you with time saving templates for posts, captions (the words under the posts) and even an analytics tracker to ensure that you are tracking your efforts.

  • Packaged Step by Step Instructions

    You don't need to focus on EVERYTHING your first 30 days. You do need to prioritize what works and shift your mindset from seeing social media as a scary time suck to learning boundaries and skills to grow your business.

"I get 90% of my clients from Instagram.

Starting social I had 550 followers. Within months I hit 10,000 followers on Instagram. I landed a book deal, quit my quote and now my goal this year is a 100K followers and a 100K income. Libby was the catalyst to everything. I get 90% of my clients from Instagram." Ryann Kipping, Business: IG: prenatalnutritionist